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‘Crony capitalism’ finding a foothold in Illinois?

An editorial in today’s Peoria PjStar laments that cronyism is increasing in Illinois:

Few would dispute, as these corporations contend, that the economic climate in Illinois falls well short of being conducive to job creation. That is borne out by statistics that show huge losses – in workers and the tax revenue they produce – over the last 15 years. It’s also true that with deals like these Illinois has pushed the door wide open to any company capable of saying the word “leave,” and there will be no end to these demands.

This represents a compromise from an earlier draft, and this page will not be surprised if it has the votes to pass, perhaps today. It is no substitute for disciplining the state’s spending and creating a sensible, comprehensive, pro-growth tax code that treats everybody fairly and not just those of such enormous clout that the state can’t possibly say no.

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