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U.S. vs. the World: Compare Economic Freedom Rankings

How much income would you earn if you lived in another country? How long would you live? Extensive research confirms that economic freedom has a profound effect on quality of life measures such as average income, life span, and many other measures.

Enter in a country of your choice to see how economic freedom affects your quality of life:


*All data for this app comes from the “World Bank Global Development Indicators” and the “Economic Freedom of the World: 2012 Annual Report.” No bar is displayed when data is not present.


  1. Ed Johnson says:

    Nice idea, but the site doesn’t work.

  2. AGA says:

    Romania is so close. I think US is in a deep trouble.

  3. John Meese says:

    I’m seeing no unemployment in each country I check… if only that we’re true!

  4. John S. says:

    I Compared the US to Greece (I have good knowlege of both) and I see that the income per person a year in Greece comes out to 24.206! Even if it’s not in Euro and it’s UDS it still is not possible, not even in the “good years”… That would have to be a really good job or something…

  5. arki says:

    Check out Qatar! Wow

  6. jo mail says:

    Check out Norway.

  7. Richard Bentall says:

    According to this site, Norway has slightly less economic freedom than the US, much higher per capita income, much lower unemployment and better life expectancy. This doesn’t support the idea that economic freedom defined in terms of a small state is the route to human happiness but is consistent with considerable research which shows that equality is better predictor of wellbeing (as indexed by mental and physical health, crime rates, teenage pregancies etc) than wealth (see R. Wilkison and K. Pickett, The Spirit Level: Why Equality is Better for Everyone, Penguin, 2010). Norway is one of the most equal (in terms of differences in income between poor and rich) countries in the world.

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