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  1. So I am in the Koch Brothers’ camp? Hmmm…
    Let us see what the Objectivist School is up to…

  2. Lex Loeb says:

    The sad thing about loss of our economic freedom is that few of us have a clue how much better things could have and wold have been had we had more of it. It is interesting how our top politicians take credit or blame for market conditions they have little or no influence over durring their term in office. None of them will take credit for what is lost and what is lost is unknown except by comparison with what we might be able to see in other parts of the world. Hong Kong, South Korea, Singapore have shown amazing ability to progress beyond what our “progressives” would have believed was possible for them to do, The fuss made about Spain today being a basket case economy does not really compare to the horror of what things were like there durring Franco. The Spanish got a mixture of economic freedom and the opposite of that, The net outcome was the result of increased economic freedom and not from their governement getting involved in what Bill Clinton called Government Investments. I look at some of what is going on in Spain today and it looks like too many people are over educated or are anticipating getting some cushy government job but those are rare and reserved just like here. Lost economic opportunity takes a long time to recover but we know it is possible having seen real progress in China when they introduced communist allowed economic freedom relative to what they used to have. In someways they had more economic freedom than we had at the same time and they could grow over 10 percent in real terms per year. There is actually no defined start point for being able to grow the economy at a much faster rate than we are experiencing. We can grow as fast as China starting out as much wealthier country to begin with. That is pretty amazing to think about. Politicians keep telling us we need them to control the wildness of capitalism unfortunately the government was deeply involved in creating the situtuation where we did crash and they made it worse afterwards. The blame everyone but government because it is always our savior and all we need is a new law and to keep government working for us that way. We have laws that essentially make everything private public and everything public private in the so called public interest. It is absurd what we are sacrificing because the propaganda is overly effective. It is absolutely amazing what has been happening in Dubai. It could be happening here. We could be importing chinese construction firm labor and building the way they are at low cost or fixing our broken old dams at a fraction of the cost it takes us to do it with local union labor rules. I live along railroads built largely be foreign immegrants and the old columbia gorge highway that also employed foreign national workers to get it done and do it well. Imagine the United States having ten times the wealth it has now. Hard to do with the kind of politicans we tend to elect to office but it is happening all over the world now and starting to put us to shame. So what is president obama always looking so angry about? His anger is supposed to tell us we need more bigger government taking over every aspect of our lives because we are dumber than little children .

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