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In the News: Why Your Boss is Dumping Your Wife

Cake topper Marriage vows may now read: “Till insurance do us part.” New fees applied through the Affordable Care Act are leading some employers to drop health insurance coverage of employees’ spouses to cut costs. In her article for Market Watch, Jen Wieczner explains why these spousal exclusions cause problems for families and hurt women:

“While couples generally prefer to be on the same health plan, companies often find that spouses are more expensive to insure than their own employees. That’s because, say benefits experts, covered spouses tend to be women, who as a group not only spend more on health care, but also have more free time to go to the doctor if they don’t work. Indeed, JetBlue’s covered spouses cost 50% more than crewmembers themselves, according to the airline’s online Q&A about its health plan, which this year extended wellness incentives to spouses for the first time.”

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