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Economic Freedom of North America 2013

EFNA Cover 2Today, the Fraser Institute released the ninth edition of its annual report, Economic Freedom of North America 2013. Taking into account the size of government, takings and discriminatory taxation, and labor market freedom, the report measures how government restrictions impact economic freedom in the countries of North America. Once again, the Canadian provinces are besting the U.S. states in terms of average level of economic freedom.

Read or download the report below, and tell us: How does your state rank this year?


  1. Guest says:

    North America includes Mexico!

    • Chris Winkler says:

      Which is why there is a white “unmeasured” part on the chart. The NW, Yukon and Nunavut Territories are all white too. Meaning they didn’t collect data for these areas, which could be a variety of reasons.

    • Camp Taji says:

      It surprises most that North America comprises ten nations. Centeral America is is a part of North America. I am also surprised to see liberal CO as free and AK and not being the freest.

  2. spin43 says:

    Why does SC rank so low?

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