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Chili Peppers

In the News: Sriracha too hot for one California town

Any town would be happy to host a Sriracha factory and the jobs it brings with it, right? Wrong.

Little kid in leaves

In the News: Harmless drones get federal flak

The FAA is shutting down drones that help in search-and-rescue missions.

Internal Revenue Service building

In the News: Social Security, Treasury target taxpayers for their parents’ decades-old debts

The government seized Mary Grice’s tax refund, claiming that someone in her family received an overpayment—37 years ago.

3D Printer

In the News: How 3D Printing will change the way we make practically everything

It may seem like science fiction, but 3D printing is fast becoming more accessible.

Patent Pending Stamp

In the News: Patently absurd

Patent trolls are becoming more common and they’re suing over technology that pre-exists their patents.


In the News: Duplicative government programs

It’s time for the government to do some spring cleaning.

doctor giving patient cash

In the News: Health plan premiums are skyrocketing according to new survey

Across the nation, health plan premiums are going through the roof—and we have the Affordable Care Act to thank.


In the News: Food safety rule threatens cows’ ‘happy hour’

Recently, the Food and Drug Administration proposed a new regulation that could makes cows very unhappy.


In the News: Thousands of artifacts seized at rural Indiana home

Recently, the FBI confiscated an Indiana man’s entire collection of cultural artifacts.


In the News: U.S. taxpayers to spend $400,000 for a camel sculpture in Pakistan

For the American embassy in Islamabad, Pakistan, the State Department decided to splash out $400,000 on a camel statue.