Economic freedom helps build wealth for an economy and circulate wealth within it. The economic growth that results from increases in economic freedom also creates social mobility, as the least-well off individuals see their incomes increase faster than any other group. Economic freedom also helps to reduce inequalities produced by crony capitalism, rewarding hard work, not government favors.



In the News: How the USDA blew millions on Afghan soybeans

The USDA shipped 4,000 tons of soybeans to northern Afghanistan. The catch? Nobody wanted soybeans.

Book Review: Homer Economicus

Joshua Hall’s (ed.) “Homer Economicus” makes the unlikely connection between economics and “The Simpsons.”


In the News: France’s absurd new ‘homemade’ law handcuffs restaurants

New French law regulates ‘homemade’ food.

Scottish man in kilt

In the News: Of obsolete regulations and post-prohibition haggis

What the United States’ haggis ban can teach us about the workings of government.

New York City Subway Sign

In the News: Police cracking down on subway acrobats

The NYPD is looking to turn the city that never sleeps into the city that never dances—on subways, that is.

Tulips Washington, D.C.

In the News: DC tour guides win right to talk without a test

Until recently, it was a jailable offense to give tours in Washington, DC, without passing a 100-question test.


In the News: New York City’s soda ban struck down

New York state’s highest court recently ruled against reinstating the Big Apple’s infamous soda ban.

Soccer goal

In the News: The World Cup traveling circus

A majority of Brazilians don’t think the World Cup is all it’s cracked up to be.

In the News: Report: Food Freedom Under Attack

Our food freedom is under attack.

In the News: The FDA’s unpalatable cheese crackdown

The FDA recently lifted a new ban on the age-old practice of using wooden planks to ripen cheese. But don’t celebrate too fast.