Economic freedom helps build wealth for an economy and circulate wealth within it. The economic growth that results from increases in economic freedom also creates social mobility, as the least-well off individuals see their incomes increase faster than any other group. Economic freedom also helps to reduce inequalities produced by crony capitalism, rewarding hard work, not government favors.


Economic Freedom of North America 2014

Continuing the trend of the past few years, the Canadian provinces are besting the U.S. states in terms of average level of economic freedom.


In the News: Venezuela to introduce supermarket fingerprinting

Venezuela now fingerprinting supermarket shoppers.

In the News: Neighbor sours on boy’s lemonade stand

Summertime wouldn’t be complete without a nosy neighbor trying to shut down a child’s lemonade stand.

In the News: You work this many hours a week to pay your taxes

You work one day a week solely to pay taxes.

Brandenburg gate

In the News: Two-thirds of Berlin’s tourist flats now illegal

Tourists may have a hard time finding a cheap place to stay.


In the News: British builder hits barriers with his private toll road

Private citizen builds toll road when government fails.


In the News: Hundreds wrongly accused of being illegal cabbies in past year

In the Big Apple, the Taxi and Limousine Commission can seize the car of anyone it suspects of driving an illegal cab.


In the News: How the USDA blew millions on Afghan soybeans

The USDA shipped 4,000 tons of soybeans to northern Afghanistan. The catch? Nobody wanted soybeans.

Book Review: Homer Economicus

Joshua Hall’s (ed.) “Homer Economicus” makes the unlikely connection between economics and “The Simpsons.”


In the News: France’s absurd new ‘homemade’ law handcuffs restaurants

New French law regulates ‘homemade’ food.