Our videos illustrate in a clear and informative way, how we can truly improve well-being in society — through greater economic freedom.  Watch, comment on, and share these short clips!

“Locked Out”: A new documentary from Honest Enterprise

One woman’s fight against big government and special interests.

In the News: Ashton Kutcher and the regulatory burden

Ashton Kutcher has a keen understanding of how regulations can strangle innovative businesses.

Economic Freedom in Action: Changing Lives

From Zambia to South Korea, and from Slovakia to Chile, entrepreneurs are improving their lives with the help of economic freedom.

Half Your Halloween

This is why you don’t want go trick or treating with Uncle Sam.

Does the minimum wage hurt workers?

Making more money sounds great, but the minimum wage often hurts workers with the least experience.

Why do Businesses Lobby?

Watch Professor Diana Thomas explain how our government makes lobbying and corruption a surprisingly profitable investment business.

Understanding Inflation: Changes in Purchasing Power

Why does your monthly rent today cost just as much as the down payment your grandparent’s put on their home 70 years ago? The answer is inflation.  “Inflation is taxation without legislation.” – Milton Friedman

African Elephants and Tire Fires: How Property Rights Effect Everyday Decisions

What is a key pillar of economic freedom? Secure property rights

Lagers for Liberty: Exploring the Role of Taverns in America’s Road to Independence

What do our founding fathers and local taverns share in common? They were both crucial in helping spur America’s independence.

Diagnosis Unknown: Healthcare Uncertainty Paralyzes U.S. Entrepreneurs

Increasing health care costs are forcing business owners to make tough decisions. Here about it from one of America’s entrepreneurs.